Citizen IR-61/DP-600 Black/Red Ink Ribbon-Zone #2

  • Model: R921BR - 60 - Zone #2
  • Shipping Weight: 6lbs
  • Manufactured by: USA Paper, LLC


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$2.00 per ribbon Delivered FREE !!! 

60 Ink Ribbons Per Box

Only $120.00 Per Box

Ink ribbons fit a variety of Citizen POS Printers.
Our ink ribbons are manufactured with a unique formula of purple matrix inks which are far superior to others on the market, and only belong to our manufacturer. They consist of the best and longest acting printhead lubricants, and purest raw materials.

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  • Casio CE4050, FE2000, KP300
  • Citizen 385-1 Series, CBM DP600 Series, CBM710, CBM715, CBM720, CBM725, CBM730, CBM750, DP600, DP610, DP611, DP612, DP614, DP617, DP622, DP624, DP627, DP630, DP650, DP900, IDP-3516, IDP-3520, IDP-3530, IDP-3535, IDP-3540, IDP-3541, IDP-3545, IDP-3546, IDP-3550, IDP-3551, IDP-4530, IDP-4540, IR61, VLT GAMING PTR
  • CRS 2000
  • Data Card 22, 24, Slip Ptr
  • Datamega DPN3110, DPN3120
  • Datatrol 3530SP, 780
  • IBM 4614, SUREONE
  • JCM Gold-3700
  • Konic Electr. System I, System II, System III
  • MICROS 385-1, 4700 Main, 8700, Autocut 4000, Autocut 4700
  • Nikko NK614
  • Nippon Primex NP610
  • Olympia CM1920, CM1930, CM1935, CM1936, CM2030, CM2035, CM2130, CM2135
  • Optima Elite 1200 Series
  • Panasonic FAST FOOD POS SYSTEM, JS130, JS660, JS7000, JS7500, JS8000, JS9000, MCDonalds POS Systems, RM800, WS800RM
  • Royal ALPHA 1750, ALPHA 9170, CMS750, CMS9000, CMS9200
  • Samsung ER350, ER550, ERP200, SMP200, SRP100, SRP200, SRP250
  • Sanyo ECR358, ECR548
  • Sharp ER-O3RP, ER-A430, ER-A770
  • Siemens BEETLE 20 w/Citizen Ptr
  • Star Micronics MP300, MP312F, MP317, MP321-S24, MP322-S24, MP323-S24, MP342, PM352S, MP382, SCP700
  • Swintec SW2250
  • TEC FDS300, MA-1300, RKP300, ST550
  • Towa ET5416, ET6120, ET6420
  • Triumph Adler CMS9200
  • Verifone 900
  • Walther ECR1210, ECR1220, ECR1520

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